Name: Via Thomas Calerick

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Dauntless

Desired Faction: Fervor

Least Desired Faction: Pristine

Current Age: 16

Appearance: ->
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Personality: Via is very brave, though not very bright. She never concentrated in school, more spending her time on doing the stunts her parents had once done. She hated education, though was able to get some of the things about being active and being Dauntless stuck in her head. She is very non-committal and refuses to get herself wrapped up in a relationship.

History: Via's parents were both Dauntless and met at Dauntless. They got married, her mother got pregnant and gave birth to Via. Thirteen weeks after Via was born, her father, Dwayne, was charged by the factionless and killed.

Her mother taught her the way of the Dauntless. The stunts, the training, other things that were specific to the faction of the brave. She was talented in the art of gymnastics and tumbling, which her mother was taught to do as a young child. Via was soon separated from her mother when she killed many Abnegation.

Soon after, Via's mother left Via. Via was not phased and didn't care a lot. She was ready and trained even harder than she had with her mother. SHe trainedharder than her mother and became much more talented than her mother. She has not yet took her aptitude test and has been waiting and training for a long time for her test.

Weapon: A small engraved knife.


It all looks great to me! Have you done the word bubble yet?

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