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Name: Melody Singer

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Erudite

Desired Faction: Candor

Least Desired Faction: Dauntless

Current Age: 16

Appearance: (See photo)


Personality: Melody is perky, and will talk your head off if you let her. She loves making people smile, yet at some points in her life, lies have ruined her life. First off, she can come off as shy, but that is her just learning more about the person she is meeting, rather than being shy.

History: Melody was born as the oldest child in her house. She had a little brother, who in her opinion, was a little snot. But she loved him. Her brother would constantly lie, always blaming Mel if he did something wrong. And her parents believed him. She was practically always in trouble.

Irregardless of this fact, Melody always found herself outside. She would be looking at plants, sitting in the grass. She would be looking at the sky, and picking out shapes. Her parents would worry, but never enough to care. Only about their son.

One stormy night, Melody and her mother got into a fight. They started yelling at each other, before her mom told her that they never planned on having Mel. Her whole world collapsed. No wonder her mom and dad didn't care. They lied to her all this time, making her think she was apart of this broken shell of a family. It was that day she decided she wanted Candor.

Weapons: N/A

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