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Name: Krystal Rose

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Pristine

Desired Faction: Either Pristine or Erudite

Least Desired Faction: Definetly Dauntless. Also not a fan of the color black

Current Age: 16

Appearance: Krystal has platinum blond hair. She also has light blue eyes. She has very pale skin.

Personality: Krystal hates getting dirty, and if you put a little dirt on her she will be really mad at you. She is very smart and loves reading. I am serious reading is her life. She knows how to code on the computer. She is sweet and kind to everyone who is nice to her. She does not get along with Dauntless or Abnegation. She likes the colors purple, blue, white, pink and red.

History: Krystal was born on September 30. Her parents names were Tiffany and Richard. Her parents were killed when Krystal was 7 and was given to her aunt and uncle. Her aunt and uncle were nice to her and she always longed for her parents. She loved to read a lot, usually 2 hours a day. She liked to eat only healthy foods. When she was 10 an accident in the hair salon led to a dirty blonde streak in her hair. She was always wearing makeup and dressing like everyday was a formal occasion. She usually had her hair in a bun with a silver brooch with clear diamond on it.

Weapons: A gold bow and silver arrows

Red X

This test was Denied for the following reason:
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