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Name: Hector Preston

Hector Preston

Gender: Your character's gender

Parents Faction: Amity

Desired Faction: Candor

Least Desired Faction: Amity

Current Age: 19

Appearance: (See picture)

Personality: Hector despises kindness ever since he could remember, the cause of this was he hates seeing people being kind to each other because he thinks it is a bias when people are taking sides because of their relationship with that "act of kindness" they did before. He can't eventually trust any person without testing their own patience, which sometimes makes people annoyed with him. Even though he is like that, once you get to know him better, he is actually a person who has a good sense of humor and tells jokes using his frankness. Don't make him mad, because if he is really frustrated, he will get impulsive with the words that will come out from his mouth saying insults that are really true. He fights for what he thinks is right and won't give up easily until he gets what he wants.


Parent's meeting: Brenda Reed was a Candor-born but left to join Amity, while his father Oliver stayed to Amity during the choosing ceremony. During the initiation for Amity, both had glances to each other and confessed their feelings. After 2 years of courtship by Oliver to Brenda they married and conceived their first child, Hector. But Brenda was still in pain because of labor delivery, she decided to give her yin yang pendant to her son before she died.

Childhood: Hector has been a lot of arguements and fights because of the beautiful pendant that his mother gave to him, most of the kids in his school kept on getting it because it looks good, they just wanted to look at it but all Hector does was to refuse, it was given by his mother who died shortafter he was born. He has been cherishing it and won't let anyone touch it no matter what. 

Puberty: Hector despises the smell of Amity, for him it seemed that most of the area in Amity smells like rotten food with poo mixed together. He hates it when people are lying on "who farted" "who hid my food" "who stole my stuff" and such. He thought that he might be a Candor when he grows up, because for him even white lies are lethal because little things might grow into a bigger problem. He thinks that his viewpoint in life might be better if he left Amity for good and choose Candor.

Weapons: Hector always has a dagger with him, he keeps it at his pocket.


Hector Preston Amity or Candor
-Legitimate Animosity

 – 15:32, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs 

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