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Name: Galahad O'neil

Gender: Male

Parents Faction: Abnegation

Desired Faction: Pristine

Least Desired Faction: Fervor

Current Age: 15

Appearance: ->

Personality: Galahad was born to be a leader. He always put himself before others, and is always willing to help someone out. He would proudly lay down his life for someone else, doesn't matter who he knows he comes after ensuring someone else stays alive. He is very skilled with medical practices, because he knew that they could come in handy later. He is very patient and always willing to teach someone else something. History: Galahad's parents were both Abnegation who came from a long line of Abnegation. So he grew up the with Abnegation lifestyle and loved it. When he was 11, he asked his dad what he could do to help people more. Hi dad told him that learning some medical stuff could never hurt. So that's just what he did, he went through every medical textbook Abnegation owned, preparing for the day when he might need it. He was 14 when the day arrived.

It was a peaceful November day, when the factionless stormed Abnegation. Soldiers from Pristine were called in, but the doctors were busy elsewhere. There was a lot of people wounded so Galahad stepped up to the plate and went around helping everyone. He must have saved at 5 - 10 lives that day. His parents had never been so proud. That's when he thought baout transferring to Pristine.

He knew he had to be pure to be in Pristine so he works on maintaining a pure essence. That is fairly easy for him, he is Abnegation after all. He also knows Discipline is important to Pristine, so he keeps an intense fitness schedule to get him into shape and to work on his Discipline. He will continue these practices till the day of his test.

Weapons: Pistol


Due to he being 15, he won't take the Aptitude Test and will be an Abnegation member for the time being. When he turns 16, he will take the test.

Your Results are Conclusive

Updated Divergent Universe Conclusive

The test concluded that you shall be a child of Abnegation. But that's not the end of it! You now need to make a page for your character. When you finish that, add your Character's name in its faction and then role play with the character that you just made.

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