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Name: Emmersyn Aria Ochard

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Amity

Desired Faction: Dautless

Least Desired Faction: Candor

Current Age: 13


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Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin

Personality: Emmersyn was born into the Amity Faction, thus her being quite kind hearted and warm natured toward anyone she meets. From a young age she has always had a unnatural curiousity of things. She wanted to explore and find more of the world. She wanted to know what was on the other side of the city borders. She would watch the Dauntless countless times loading and jumping off of the trains while sititng perched in her favorite tree with her friend Dusk. Emmersyn was still the kind hearted girl though, she did not wish to be a low life stay at home mother when she grew up who worked on the farms with crops. She wanted adventure and excitment. Still she was sweet just like her mother and looked after her little sister quite often as she was kind spirited to everyone around, that girl with a edge.

History: Emmersyn Aria Ochard was born on April 16th, 2000 to Evangeline and Ricker Ochard, she was the middle child, having an older brother Elijah, when she was seven her little sister Eloise was born, now being 6 years old. Her older brother though left them when he turned 16 and joined Candor. The family was devestated and her father, Ricker, was not happy with his sons decision and shunned him. For the rest of the family, they still loved and missed him.

Emmersyn's adventorus side was shown when she was at the young age of 5, her family already knew she might be a bit of trouble. She was always climbing trees, and getting scraped up, or hurt, quite the tomboy while hanging out with mostly boys she did not being a girly girl like most girls in Amity.

Even for her tomboy side, Emmersyn embraced music at a young age and was a wonderful singer in her school choir, and at meetings with her faction. She learned to play various instruments, and learned Opera at a young age, becoming the greatest little singer in her faction.

As Emmersyn aged her curiousity got worse and worse in the eyes of her father. She began breaking her factions rules. Now Emmersyn is contemplating for the years to come as she soon will decide if she would stay or leave...

Weapons: Even though Amity is not allowed weapons she had found a wonderful interest in a Bow and Arrow. 


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