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Name: Crystal Heights

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Amity

Desired Faction: Candor

Least Desired Faction: Abnegation

Job: Candor leader

Current Age: 18


Personality: Crystal hieghts is a strong loving women. She hates to see people being bullied or beaten on and she also has a strong hatred for men. When she starts something its hard for her to quit. she is also one of the very few candor who can actually tell a lie.


Crystal was born on a summer evening of may 10th. She lived with her parents josh and camemilla Heights.  she grew up normally playing outside with her friends, helping her parents out in the field, and writing her own songs. She loved to write song and sing but she was to shy to sing them. When she started school she was popular because of her looks and personality. she got A's and studied hard. 

When Crystal turned 16 she had a party which all her friends were invited to which was alot. They ate played board games and some of the older one drank. Crystal didnt like the taste of beer so she didnt go near the stuff. After  a while she went up to her room alone or so she thought.  When she tried closing the door an older man pushed himself in. Crystal was suprised but new the man as a guy that went to her school. Most of the girls thought he was hot which Alison couldnt argue with. Anyways he pushe him self in and Alison could smell the stench of beer on him. She tried to push him out but he was to strong and threw Crystal onto the bed. He then rapped Crystal and fled .

From that day Crystal hated men except the ones she was closer to like her father and some other close friends. She told her parent and the man who had rapped her was put in prison and crystal went on with her life. She lived normally after that working and writing and also training not wantingwhat happened to her to happen again. she lived a good life and when the day of her apptitude test came she was ready to take it.

Weapons: she usually doesnt fight but if she does she usually uses a White bow and arrow

Music notes"Music isn't just a hobby, It's a Passion."- MusicianMusic notes  01:05, August 26, 2014 (UTC)

The Test

Game Master
Send Me an Owl! - 01:37, August 26, 2014 (UTC)
An Amity guy with brown wavy hair waits for Crystal to come in.


Game Master
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"Please be kind enough to drink this."


Game Master
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Crystal Wakes up in an empty room with a slab of meat and a knife the size of her forearm. "Choose"


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Nobody is behind her, a snarl of a dog replacing the Amity guy, followed by a cry for help


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The dog goes toward her and she wakes up, the Amity guy in front of her "You're a truth teller. Candor is your new faction."

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