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Name: Casper Alexander Tomlinson

Gender: Male

Parents Faction: Candor

Desired Faction: Allegiant

Least Desired Faction: Not really

Current Age: 16


Personality: Casper is a reserved guy. He's quiet, cold and plain rude to those he doesn't know. The only people that can actually communicate with him well enough are the five other leaders and his sister, but his sister is missing thanks to the Erudite, Dauntless and Pristine experimenting on her. Casper rarely speaks to anyone and has a tough attitude. He is very determined to bring down the useless faction system and go out the fence for once and for all.

History: Casper was born on a chilly November 17th to a Candor Couple. The first five years of Casper's life, he was a happy child. He grew up surrounded by love. Unfortunate for him, his parents died, slaughtered by some Erudite. He was then placed in an orphanage for orphans of all factions, which can be brought into any faction. He was adopted a year later by a Dauntless Couple with no children. That couple was very strict and cold, surprising all dauntless when they chose to adopt.

As Casper grew up, he grew up being cold and dark, as well as being rude to those inferior to him. He has his eyes secretly focused on being an Dauntless Leader after he chooses Dauntless in his Choosing Ceremony. He got into many fights in school, which his adoptive parents were proud of. He was raised to hate the Stiff's and Erudite, which he now despises. He never really felt any love to his adoptive parents, as they were cold to him, even if he was their son.

Casper buried himself in intense training to be able to fulfill his goals to be Dauntless Leader. He turned even colder, if possible, the week before the Choosing Ceremony. In the end, he chose to stay in Dauntless, but cut off all connections with his adoptive family, but stayed with their last name, Crawford. Unfortunately, he was kicked out of initiation for his supposed "divergence", which was confirmed he didn't have. He was then tried to lured back to Dauntless, but he denied and joined the Allegiant, where he made a new home. Now with his 17th birthday a few weeks away and with excellent training for the past year, Casper is the Leader of the Allegiant. The supreme leader.

Weapons: He has a spear and two pistols, always armed with ammo. Of course, he always has ammo with him, too.


You Have Been Accepted

The Faction Leaders have concurred that you would bring excellent service as the Allegiant Supreme Leader. You can now put this template in your character page as a proof of its achievement. Congratulations.

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