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Name: Belle Mills

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Candor

Desired Faction: Erudite

Least Desired Faction: Abnegation

Current Age: 16

Appearance: 5'5", red long curly hair, green eyes and very light skin. Have a heart-shaped face, bow shaped red lips. Slim but but with breasts size 48. Have a tatoo of a heart in her neck. Have a small nose.

Personality: very selfish and cares about herself above all else.It is manipulative and a liar, even though born in generosity. Does not like to lose and do not like to hear "no."Has many friends it is can be considered and "leader" of the group. He loves picking on who does what she wants.

History: It's only daughter. Since small liked to read and he knew he wanted to go Scholarship, it does not fit the Franquesa because not always likes to tell the truth. When he was six his mother died in a fire and since then she and her father live alone in an apartment. At school, she always got high marks in all subject and had many friends. She loves going to parties with other people and does not support Selflessness. For a while she dated a boy from secret Dauntless, but ended after three months. When she as 13 she took fencing lessons. The lower had two cats but after his mother's death never had any pets. After her mother died, she and her father do not get along because she blames him for his mother's death, and does everything for bothering he.

Weapons: A sword and a gun

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