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Name: Alicia Wolf

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Erudite

Desired Faction: Pristine

Least Desired Faction: Fervor

Current Age: 16


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Personality: Alicia is very smart. She strives for perfection in all that she does. She is very disciplined because her parents came from Pristine. She is kind and compassionate.She is quick to love. However, she is occasionally is explosively angry. She is graceful and elegant. She has a great sense of humor.She has remained pure throughout her life, even while her friends were partying with Fervor. She enjoys dance and theatre along with hand-to-hand combat, archery, and competitive sports.

History: Alicia's parents, Carter Wolf and Jeannie Wolf, met in Pristine. They both left at 16 to join Erudite. When they got married, it was a marriage designed to have the healthiest, best child they could produce. There was not love involved.

Alicia and her twin brother, Klause were conceived three years after their parents wedding. When Carter and Jeannie found out about they were having twins, they were upset. They had planned for only one child. It was decided that the twin that looked least like the Wolfs would be given to Abnegation.On a cold winter's day, Klause and Alicia were born. Quickly Carter and Jeannie decided which twin to give away. Klause, born with flaming red hair, looked little like them. Alicia had the black hair, but her eyes were a piercing grey. The nurses to Klause away, never to be seen again by the Wolfs.Despite the fact that there was not a lot of love between her parents, Both Carter and Jeannie loved and adored Alicia.

Alicia was forced to study hard as a child. She enjoyed learning, but she hated being forced. She was the pride of the Erudite when it came to grades and intelligence. Everyone thought she would be just like her parents; a great scientist with a small heart. Instead, she had large heart. She was forced to hide because of her faction, but she was loving and kind still. She loved structure and perfection because of her parents. She became very good at hiding her emotions. Her parents wanted her to become Pristine, but said they didn't because of the Factions.

When Alicia was 15 her life came crashing down. Factionless came in the night to rob the Wolfs. Her mother and father were brutally murdered during the robbery. Because she was so close to Choosing age, it was decided that she would live alone on an allowance given by the government.After that she trained to be a soldier or a doctor so she could join Pristine like her parents wanted. She kept herself pure in thought, deed, and words. She prayed that she would get Pristine on the Aptitude test so she could avenge her parents' deaths through military service. She wanted to make her parents proud.

Weapons: Brass Knuckles set and Re-curve Bow

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