Name: Christina black  

Age: 17 Faction: Erudite  

Faction Born in: Erudite 

Job: Erudite initiate  


Angel is a sweet smart girl. She loves learning new thing and has a thing for smart guys (XD). Being from dauntless she knows how to defend herself and she never lets anyone step all over her. She some day wants to become a writer which is why she joined Erudite so she can learn everything she needs to to be become a writer.


Angel jackson was born on January 10to her parents Chris and lola Jackson. AS she was growing up she loved to learn new thing and have fun. She would hang out with her friends who were mostly erudite kids. However as she grew up in Dauntless she had to train for many hours of the day. When she was abotu 10 her parent bought her a computer and from there her love for writing blossomed. She wrote many stories and made them into book. She was alittle to embarased to show anyone so no one knows that she can write.

Angel then went on writeing and living her life. She trained everyday and hung out with friends. she was a staight a student and was very popular. When the time for her to take her test came she was ready form it.  


A silver and white cross bow