The Allegiant

One choice will define you.
Virtue: A mix of everything.
Role: Fighting the factions.
The Allegiant Photo Album

Who are you? How do you know of us? We are the stealthy Allegiant. The ones against the faction systems. The ones who aren't afraid of a change. WE thrive for freedom, for no more factions, for no more factionless, FOR A LIFE ON THE OUTER WORLD! Runners are idiotic people running around cluelessly, not giving a care in the world and not doing any shit. We do the real work. WE are the ones tired of this. We are bringing this fight to them.

Allegiant Leader and Lieutenant

  1. Marléne Le Tallec
  2. Emily Beilschmidt

Second-in-command Allegiant Leaders

  1. Kenneth Mason
  2. Katherine Winters
  3. FREE
  4. FREE
  5. FREE

Allegiant Members

  1. Kendra Olivia Mullins
  2. Isabelle Amelia Herondale

Dead or Gone

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  • No provoking fights with other Allegiant members at all.
  • You are to keep a low profile and not show any signs of being in the Allegiant.
  • You MUST NOT make any fights with any faction member out in the public. If private, enjoy yourself.
  • Do NOT give any information of the Allegiant and use force if necessary to escape.
  • If any member knows of a traitor in the Allegiant, you are to report it immediately to a superior. Understood?

Faction Information

Faction Leader

"What do you want? Oh, now I have to make a message? Don't you get that I'm busy overplotting the factions? Whatever. I'm Casper Alexander Tomlinson, Leader of the Allegiant. Under my close command are five leaders. Under the five leaders are the true fighters. You undergo a series of training and are place in one of those five. The fifth (Fifth Rank) is the least experienced, but with a ton of fighting experience, then come the fourth rank, the third rank, the second rank and the first rank is the best in everything. Try joining. Deny the factions. It's an injustice for many. Listen to me, kid. -Casper

Second-in-command Leaders

Fifth Rank's Leader's Message: Fourth Rank's Leader's Message: Third Rank's Leader's Message: Second Rank's Leader's Message: First Rank's Leader's Message: