Alannis Stride
Vital statistics
Name Alannis Stride
Age 16 years old
Birth Faction Erudite
Current Faction Dauntless
Position Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6' 2
Weight 120 lbs
Weapon Knife


Alannis is free-thinking.  She has a hard time following the rules, and has a ruthless edge to her.  However, she has a soft spot for her younger sister, Anna.  She does not express her immotions very much, and as a result, she does not have many friends.  Her few friends describe her as focused and dedicated.


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Alannis is the oldest child.  Her younger is sister was born six years after her, making her 10 years old.  Her mother was often drunk at night and her dad would leave, so it was up to Alannis to put her younger sister to bedOne day, her mother left and didn't come back, so Alan

nis took over in her place.  As a result, she and her sister became very close. 


Alannis' mother

Her parents did not admire physical strength, but rather mental strength.  Alannis was never good at sitting still and reading or studing.  She would sneak out at night to go running, or practice her knife-throwing.


Alannis' siser Anna

One night, she brought her sister, and it became their way to escape their parents. While she and her friends got along well, she never told them about her parents.  She didn't think they would understand.  Slowly, she drifted away from them.  In school, she didn't pay as much attention as she had before; her mind was on her nighly runs.  She felt like her life wasn't realy hers until she snuck out at night.


Alannis' father

When she turned sixteen, she saw the test as a way to escape the confines of her faction, and be who she really was.  The only hard part of her decision was deciding to leave her sister behind.  But she knew it was important to take the one chance she got, or she would be miserable for the rest of her life.

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