Name: Aidan Nightlock


Age: 17

Chosen Faction: Dauntless

Faction Born in: Dauntless

Job: Dauntless member


Aidan is a rather silent. If he is around friends, he loves to joke and laugh, but around people that give him the wrong vibe, he becomes tense and usually angry. He is set in joining the Dauntless so he can prove to his parents he is worthy of joining the faction.


Aidan had a normal childhood. He grew up, constantly belittled by his abusive parents. These constant attack caused him to only talk to a selective few of people, ones he trust. Sometimes Aidan would try and take a look at the other factions. He would observe for hours on how they worked and operated. It kept him entertained and occupied.


As any average child, Aidan was enrolled in schools. He was popular at first, all the girls trying to get through to him, but he stayed silent. Aidan trusted few people, and sometimes not even for a long period of time. His parents influence stuck with him.

During his years leading up to the Aptitude Test, Aidan grew a great hatred for his parents, bullies, and, at occasions, people in general. Sometimes he'd beat up and frighten his foes. Aidan had enough, and ran off for a few hours, discovering the Amity Faction. He stayed hidden, and managed to return to his home unpunished.


Crossbow (hidden gun if absolutely necessary)



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